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Cows, covariance and C# generics

At PDC 2003 Anders Hejlsberg presentation on C# new features, somebody made a question like this "Can C# generics be used to implement covariance?" I didn't understand the question so I didn't pay too much attention to the answer. So what is covariance? Yesterday I remembered the incident (go figure why) and today I googled over and found this very nice although somewath old cow-based explanation. Ah, that is covariance, interesting concept. Now I remember the begining of Anders answer "Well, yes to a certain extent..." To what extent I'm not sure but I least now I understand the question...
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JLCA 3.0 Beta released

I just downloaded from the Microsoft Beta site the Java Language Conversion Assistant 3.0 bits. Version 2 did a very decent job at converting "pure" business classes, not so much with front-end elements (servlets and JSP). JLCA 3.0 is reported to enhance this a lot, and also add support for things like JMS and EJBs. You can find some more info here. Hopefully I will find some time to play with it (alas, C# 2.0, ASP.NET 2.0 and the rest of the Whidbey stuff is ahead on the queue...)
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Best ASP.NET Practices for Shielding Your Site from Hackers: done

Well, I didn't quite have as much people in the room as I expected for this webcast, still an average of 280 is not that bad. You should try giving a webcast, it's not that hard and it's certainly fun. Contact the Microsoft Webcasts people for more info. As I said several times in the presentation: you can download the slides and demos from http://www.asp.net/whidbey (funny, as almost none of the materials is Whidbey specific)

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Red Hat recommends Windows for consumers

My fellow RD Sanjay Shetty points us to this article:


Makes you smile, doesn't it?

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Best ASP.NET Practices for Shielding Your Site from Hackers: my 90 minutes of fame (may be)

Next thursday I will be doing the "Best ASP.NET Practices for Shielding Your Site from Hackers":


This is part of the ASP.NET Week organized by the MSDN webcast team. The reason I dare to promote it in this gurus layer is because registration is *closed* (over a 1.000 people booked in for the event). So, may be I will be famous for an hour and a half...

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From JSP to ASP.NET: done

I just finished my JSP to ASP.NET webcast which is part of the ASP.NET Week. We had an average of 130 people in the room and I think we had fun (what with opening an Eclipse project in a Microsoft webcast and reviewing some of the nice things that JSP 2.0 and servlets 2.4 bring). Now on for the next one...
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From JSP to ASP.NET: A Developer's Perspective

Tomorrow (Jan 20) I will be doing an MSDN webcast which will discuss ASP.NET from the perspective of a JSP/servlets developer. That is, we will assume a good knowledge of JSP/servlets and then try to show how you can do the things you are used to but in ASP.NET (and hopefully some more ;-).

I don't think there will be anything new for the seasoned ASP.NET developer but you may have some JSP friends you want to invite.

People can register for the event at:


See you tomorrow!

UPDATE: The URL is now correct, I apologize for any inconvenience.

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