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TechEd 2005: Day 2 Morning

Paul Flessner keynote had some sexy demos and a few good jokes (and some of usl got a little nervous with the Compact Framework battlebot breaking a SQL Server 2005 connection). Parafernalia aside, the most importants point for me were:

  1. We've got an official launch date for Visual Studio 2005, Sql Server 2005, and Biztalk Server 2006: the week of November 7th (at least and not a minute too early).
  2. Sql Server 2005 Integration Services, Analysis Services, and Reporting Services are a killing combination. Low cost, high power BI is here, Oracle and IBM beware (I know I sounded like a marketing guy but for what I see the product does live up to the expectations).

After that I tried to get to Mike Hernández talk on Outlook and VS 2005 integration (with VSTO 2005 naturally) but the room was packed (I didn't mind sitting in the floor but I wasn't allowed), I just hope they repeat the session, it seems like Smart Clients development with Office we'll become hot in the coming months. So I went for a few minutes to a very interesting talk on the new web services stuff on VS 2005, Christian Weyer is able enough to make even a discussion on XML serialization look captivating but unfortunately I had to leave because I had to record my GrokTalk,  anxiety attack aside, the 10 minutes passed like the wind and I had my minutes of fame at TechEd (well, sort of) and, hey, I'm still alive.

Tomorrrow: GrokTalk en español

Some RDs (Patrick Hynds, Scott Stansfield, Kate Gregory, among others) had this great idea: GrokTalk.NET. I volunteered to do a presentation on VSTO 2005, and silly them, they took me in on the condition of doing it in Spanish. So tomorrow there'll be the unexpected espectacle of a 10 minute live presentation on a place flooded with English speaking people, by the way, if you happen to be at TechEd and speak Spanish (or know somebody like that) send her to the RD Cabana at 11:50, various Latin American (OK, OK, Fernando, Ibero American) flags/shirts will be most welcomed.

TechEd 2005: Day 1 afternoon

On my way to a Cabaña Talk on Biztalk and web services I bumped on Nilda and Daniel Seara, Daniel used to be an RD and now is an MVP, über-geek on Visual Basic .NET. So we just sat down to talk and laugh during an hour (TechEd is as important from a technical standpoint as for the people you meet/talk again to). After that I went to an introductory talk on Biztalk 2004 for Visual Studio developers, so far it's best one I've gone to (but it's only Monday): Aaron Skonnard know his stuff and he's also a great presenter, I look forward to meet him personally some day.

TechEd 2005: Day 1 morning

In fact, TechEd started yesterday for many of us: I had a full day NDA meeting for RDs where I learnt a few interesting things and then had some fun with other RDs. The public part of the story started for me this morning: a reasonably good keynote by Steve Ballmer with two high points: Outlook programmability with .NET (yes VSTO 2005 will allow to create impressive Outlook plug-ins) and then MOM, what with a MOM server controlling Sun hardware live, then pulling off fans one by one from the box (and SteveB very much enjoying it), and then finally remotely booting a backup Sun server. Impressive, even more so given that, being a developer, IT doesn't easily impress me.

Later I went to an Office applications architecture session, which opened my mind to a couple of things we can do with Office and .NET (I knew about FabriKam, but GeneriCo was an interesting surprise), but it was mostly a Powerpoint (and some demo screens) thing: tomorrow we'll get to see the code which promises to be interesting.

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IIS: *the* corporate web server

According to this survey, IIS is *by far* the most used web server at the Fortune 1000. If accurate, I guess BillG is really smiling now...
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