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  • Will Vista, Office 2007, and Sharepoint 2007 cure cancer?

    Of course, I'm overdoing it -may be a lot-, but you need to drive readers to your blog, don't you? Anyways, it's worth reading this article about a very interesting project that uses Vista, Office 2007, Sharepoint 2007 and .NET 3.0 to help coordinate a cancer research team, you can also see a detailed presentation here. Some people may point out that previous platforms, notably Lotus Notes, proposed this kind of applications, so what's new here? For me, developer productivity: according to Tim Huckaby this project took just a few weeks. Unbelievable.

  • On my way to Team System Level 300 Training

    From Monday to Thursday I'll be in Chicago getting some deep Team System training, courtesy of Microsoft and IMG, given the short notice and being August my trip will be long: Quito-Bogotá-Miami-Chicago but I'm sure the training will be well worth the effort (besides I'll get some miles...) I'll try to blog about the training as it goes.