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September 2004 - Posts

Visit the new Expert Zone Chat Room

The Expert Zone Community site has adopted a new, easier-to-use chat room. You can login here:

The chat room is available for peer-to-peer support at any time. Many experts from the online community volunteer their time to help users in the chat room. It's a good way to find quick answers to common questions about Windows XP.

In addition, experts from Microsoft and the online community host chats every month to answer customer questions:

Windows XP General: 4th Tuesday at 10am
Tablet PC: 1st Wed at 10am
Media Center Edition: 3rd Thursday at 3pm
Internet Explorer: 2nd Tuesday at 10am

Chats on other topics are hosted each month as interest warrants. For the full upcoming schedule, see

Chris Norred, tech editor

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Community webcasts about Service Pack 2

Windows MVP and Expert Zone Columnist Charlie Russel is presenting a series of webcasts on the Microsoft Support site, discussing how Windows XP users can get Service Pack 2 and install it on their computers. He updates the presentation each week to cover top SP2 issues being discussed in the online community.

This is the first attempt by a Windows XP MVP at using the Live Meeting technology and webcasts as a community forum for end users on the Microsoft sites. Charlie has done a remarkable job on his presentation. Webcasts are a good community forum for people who prefer to get information in a visual and more structured format than newsgroups or chats provide. Tell your friends about it.

Sign on for Charlie's live webcasts and pose your questions for him Thursday:

Support WebCast: Obtaining and installing Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 with Advanced Security Technologies
Thursday, September 23, 2004: 10:00 A.M. Pacific time (Greenwich mean time- 7 hours). Discusses how to obtain and install Windows XP SP2. Tells how establish stronger security settings to help defend Windows XP-based computers against various threats. Addresses questions about SP2, tells where to find help, and how to help others install SP2.

Or view a recorded version of his previous Webcast at your convenience:

Chris Norred, tech editor

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

The Windows XP Security Guide v2.0

The Microsoft Solutions for Security (MSS) team has announced the release of the Windows® XP Security Guide v2.0.

This security guide is not intended for home users. However, advanced users interested in security information will find it valuable.

This release includes an appendix that describes features and recommended settings for Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).  The Windows XP Security Guide v2.0 was created by an exceptional team of subject matter experts, testers, editors, and program managers who ensured that the guidance was tested and proven.

Where to Find the Solution

The Windows XP Security Guide v2.0 is available on the Microsoft Security Guidance Center: Windows XP Index Web site at

The guide is also available on the Microsoft Download Center at

Guide Overview

Windows XP SP2 provides the most dependable version of Windows ever along with the best security and privacy features. Overall security has been improved in this version to help ensure your organization can work in a safe and secure computing environment. The Windows XP Security Guide v2.0 consists of seven chapters and an appendix. Chapters two through six of the guide discuss the procedures involved in creating a safe computing environment. Each of these chapters describes part of an end-to-end process to help secure computers that are running Windows XP. The appendix provides information about the many new security features that are available in SP2.

Chris Norred, tech editor

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Try the new digital music experience from Microsoft

Try the new digital music experience from Microsoft

The new Windows Media Player 10, MSN Music, and new devices.

Check for spyware before installing SP2

Check your computer for spyware and other unwanted software before installing SP2
A variety of tools are available from other companies to detect and remove unwanted software from your computer, including Lavasoft Ad-aware. (Note Microsoft is not responsible for the quality, performance, or reliability of third-party tools.)

The pages below have been updated with the recommendation to remove spyware using Ad-aware before installing SP2. Some spyware has been found to cause conflicts with SP2 installation.

What to Know Before Downloading and Installing SP2

Protect Your PC Web Site SP2 Recommendations

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