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December 2004 - Posts

New Columns and Webcasts Dec. 2004

Recent articles published on the Windows XP Expert Zone Community site by Microsoft writers and other experts from the online community:

 Using Tablet PC During a Remote Desktop Session

Columnist Charlie Russel explains how to work with Tablet PC Input Panel when you're accessing your desktop PC via Remote Desktop.
 Control Media Playback with Voice Commands

Columnist Joli Ballew controls the media she plays on her Media Center PC using only spoken words.
 Expert Zone Support Webcast: Using Media Center Extender networks in Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005

MVP Barb Bowman will describe how to set up and use Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 and Media Center Extender.
 Tweaking Your Media Center PC's HDTV Lineup

Microsoft's John Elsbree explains how to fine-tune Media Center's ability to receive all the signals available in your local area to make your DTV viewing experience more enjoyable.
 How to Use the New Features in Movie Maker 2.1

Columnist Galan Bridgman explains how to transfer video from an analog video camera or VCR to your computer using a digital video camera.

Technology home makeovers: At Home With the Brave

On December 17, 2004 A&E Network® presented a holiday special called At Home with the Brave. A home makeover show for the families of soldiers returning from war.

See behind the scenes. Microsoft and a number of its partners provided products and services used in the show. The videos here give a behind-the-scenes look at the technology makeovers each family received.

New MSN Desktop Search Beta

"Today we officially announced the Beta release of MSN Toolbar Suite with Desktop Search.  We are excited to hear what you think and to see how Desktop Search gets used.  Check it out at when you have a chance and send us feedback!"



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Indirect Reciprocity: Why Windows XP Users Help Each Other

OK, this is a bit off track from our usual links to good stuff on and in the Windows XP community. It isn't even really about computing. But one of the most important lessons we've learned on the Expert Zone is that people who know about computers, the experts, really like helping other people learn about computers. This is an interesting theory about such benevolent motives.

-Chris Norred, tech editor

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Smart Watch Contest: How Low Did You Go

Worth a smile. This was a clever marketing campaign for Smart Watches and Joe is the big, um, winner!





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