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Smart Client Software Factory (SCSF) April 2008 for Visual Studio 2008 Released

After publishing an alpha version, a beta version and a RC 1 version I'm glad to announce that the final version of Smart Client Software Factory for Visual Studio 2008 has been published on MSDN.

What is new in this release?

How to enable a May 2007 solution

If you have a May 2007 solution and you want to enable it to use this new guidance please read this page.

Known Issues

In this page you will find the list of known issues that exists in Smart Client Software Factory - April 2008.


Smart Client Software Factory - April 2008

Smart Client Software Factory Source Code - April 2008

Smart Client Software Factory Documentation - April 2008 (CHM format)


Documentation on MSDN (HTML format)


Feel free to give us your feedback on the discussion board. If you see issues, please post them to the Issue Tracker.

More Information of this release

For more information about this new release please read Blaine's post and Michael's post.

Enjoy this new guidance.

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