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Hi there...

My name is Faris Sweis. I'm the test lead responsible for the quality assurance of the overall ASP.NET product. My goal in blogging is to try to give our community and customers a better insight and understanding of our efforts in ensuring a high quality ASP.NET feature set. In addition to that, this is an attempt to try to connect with as many Test/QA communities out there specific to ASP.NET or software testing in general. I will talk a bit more about software testing and my views on it in a later blog but for now let me introduce myself and the ASP.NET test team.

A bit about my background

I started my career at Microsoft right out of college after a one summer internship in 1997. I graduated in summer of 1998 from Purdue University and started in Microsoft's Developer Division (which I'm still in) working on VBA in Office 2000. My role was to test the VB6 language syntax which VBA6.0 just upgraded to and to test the "Darwinization" (as it was called then referring to the Darwin installer - known today as the MSI installer) of the VBA components in Office. After shipping Office 2000, I worked on the VS Macros IDE in VS and then later in 2000 moved to work on the .NET Framework team focusing on ASP.NET and the data controls. I've been working on ASP.NET ever since...

ASP.NET Test Team

The current test team consists of 23 engineers. Our team is organized in three sub teams.

  • Page Framework Team: Responsible for testing all Page level features like MasterPages, SiteNavigation, Page ...etc
  • Controls Team: Responsible for testing our Server Controls. From the LiteralControl to the GridView.
  • Application Services Team: Responsible for testing all the ASP.NET infrastructure and base services like HttpModules, Caching, Membership, Roles...etc

We usually get involved in testing the feature areas from their initial design phase. We participate in the brainstorming and designs of all features. Once the design is complete, we move on and start the test planning phase for our features and start designing our test automation. I will be talking more about what this entails in future blogs.


Joe said:

Hi Fariss,

I was woundring are you from Fuheis-Jordan?

# June 15, 2007 3:55 PM