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VB.NET: Beware of the 'Aggregate' keyword (updated) by FransBouma

UPDATE I tested this initially with EmployeeID and noticed the strange behavior. Writing this blogpost I thought the max of the employeeID was a little artificial, so I changed that in OrderDate. But... what happened (see my reply to this blogpost below...

See you at DevDays 2008! by FransBouma

Tomorrow, May 22nd, and Friday, I'm present at the Microsoft DevDays 2008 in Amsterdam. I'm told we get special t-shirts, so it shouldn't be hard to find me . I'll be at the Microsoft Community Booth or in some sessions. If you want to say hi, please...

Why use the Entity Framework? Yeah, why exactly? by FransBouma

Danny Simmons wrote a marketing piece about the project he's been working on for so long: " Why use the Entity Framework? ". I don't expect Danny to be unbiased towards his own work, so at first I just ignored it: Microsoft produces these kind of ' use...

Linq to Sql support added to LLBLGen Pro by FransBouma

Imagine, you're sitting at your desk and you're using the Linq to Sql designer in VS.NET 2008 and you have, say, 50 entities in your model. You're happy about how things are progressing. It took a while to get the model set up, considering the wicked...

Dynamic Data and 3rd party o/r mappers is a fact by FransBouma

In the latest public preview of Microsoft's Dynamic Data , they've added something else besides what's publicly advertised: support for 3rd party O/R mappers! A couple of weeks ago, Bryan Reynolds mailed me about LLBLGen Pro support in MS Dynamic Data...
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