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Think first, 'doing' is for later by FransBouma

In the comments section of Ayende's blog , I recently debated the usage of principles like the ones in SOLID and argued that these principles aren't really the important thing to focus on. Instead, people should focus on thinking . In the Netherlands...

Follow-up on the 'Firefox v3.5 fiasco' by FransBouma

(Follow up to: The Firefox 3.5 fiasco ) I'd like to inform the audience that the people over at NSS , the sub-system which is responsible for the disk-trashing behavior of Firefox 3.5 (and the accompanying delays on startup) on some systems, has worked...

The Firefox 3.5 fiasco by FransBouma

(updated: replaced 'trashing' with 'thrashing' as indeed, I meant 'disk thrashing'). As a Firefox user, I was delighted when Mozilla released Firefox v3.5. It was advertised as a new milestone in browsing, with more standards being supported, new engines...
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