LLBLGen Pro v4.1 beta released!

New features / changes in this release are:


  • Entity Framework v6 support
  • .NET 4.5.1 support
  • Oracle 12c support in Oracle drivers.
  • Oracle Managed ODP.NET provider support
  • Lots of small changes / fixes.

LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework:

  • Full Async API
  • Oracle 12c support (Identity fields/default sequences/new paging queries)
  • Oracle Managed ODP.NET provider support
  • Transient Error Recovery (Connection Resiliency)
  • Lots of small changes / fixes.

V4.1 is a free upgrade for all v4.0 licensees. I'm especially happy with the async / await API in the runtime which took a lot of work due to all the refactoring required to avoid clones (one for synchronous and one for asynchronous code) and also that we managed to squeeze transient error recovery into the API (albeit first through external classes, so not 'set-and-forget' yet). To obtain it, please go to the customer area and click 'v4.1' in the downloads menu.

V4.1 was initially planned for January 2014 with more features, but we split up the work to be able to release EF6 support now as Microsoft released EF6 and VS.NET 2013 earlier than expected, and we'll release the rest of the features we had planned in January 2014 or thereabout (tradition has it that it might take a month or so extra Winking smile)


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