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PageMethods for VS 2005 1.6

A big update for PageMethods for VS 2005 has just been published: PageMethods for VS 2005 1.6

This version provides lots of new features, some bug fixes and improvements:

  • Added support for the new Visual Studio 2005 Web Application Project Model (highly recommended)
  • Added support for partial classes (if they are in files below the aspx files - "DependentUpon" in the project files)
  • Added support for solution folders
  • Added the ability to use the base namespace of your choice instead of MyPageMethods
  • Added the ability to call an external web site by importing its list of page methods
  • Improved support for HTTP POST
  • Fixed a bug that was happening when there was no page method in the site's root

Please update your version. Please uninstall the previous version first.

Later this week, I will publish a short article to show some of the exciting new features included.

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