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  • "Comments on this post are closed"

    I would like to apologize to readers: you'll notice that posting comments on most of the posts of this weblog is currently disabled. You'll see "Comments on this post are closed" instead. I'm sorry about this, and I can't change anything about it right now :-( This is a new site-wide ( setting.
    I hope we'll be able to reactivate the comments soon! I don't like that setting at all. I appreciate comments much, and I do not consider that previous posts as obsolete.
    Scott, please do something! I you want this feature to be disabled too, please say it.


  • Future of blogging

    Robert Scoble is giving his vision of blogging's future as requested by Dave Winer.

    I though I could give it a try too. Of course my ideas overlap with the ones already given. Here is how I see blogging in the future, well some visions at least:

    • Blogging is transparent, you can blog from anywhere, using a smart client and working in disconnected mode.
    • Reading and writing happens in the same place. Remember the two-way web back in 1997?
    • An e-mail or a usenet news post or a forum post or an IM entry can easily become a weblog post.
    • A weblog post can easily become an e-mail or a usenet new post or a forum post.
    • Weblog post forwarding is just a click away.
    • Flagging and archiving others' posts for further reading allows you not to miss some content.
    • Weblog feeds can be filtered easily in many ways.
    • Notifications for everything you wish (new comment, new trackback, new friend post...), the way you wish (e-mail, alert, IM, etc.). Following and being part of discussions is natural.
    • Weblogs evolve from a simple time orientation to a richer one where older items retain value.
    • Your traditional RSS aggregator becomes your Media Center, not only where you read weblog entries, but also where you consume news, e-mails, notifications... This is not only about text, it could also be sound or video. This app is what you launch first when your computer starts, your personal window to the web and the world. Web browsing is integrated within this tool.
    • Everyone has a weblog (or multiple), the way you have an e-mail address and an instant messaging ID.
    • Weblogs have channels allowing content you put there to be selectively available to some persons or the whole wide web. Your weblog is the place where you publish information, business or personal, public or private. This is the place where your friends go to learn about you or to get in touch with you.
    • The visible part of my weblog is only 1/9 of the whole content.
    • Your grand-mother uses her weblog to stay in touch with her grand-children.
    • Weblogs can be aggregated, to create communities or enterprise project billboards.
    • Backup and cross-post.
    • Content management and weblogs getting closer. This means you can feed your CMS with your blogging tool and your weblog content is versioned and staged and validated.
    • Wikis and weblogs getting closer.
    • and a lot more...

    Of course some of this already exists in different solutions and tools, but none offers an integrated experience yet. Weblogs and blogging tools should be personal and collaborative at the same time.

    BTW, if you are working on such a solution, I'd enjoy being involved ;-)


  • Architects, developers and approaches to a problem

    I like that one: "Architects are a lot slower in getting a solution, especially if the problem is simple!" from Michael Platt.
    Probably we could add that "Architects are much likely to come up with complex and costly solutions, especially if the problem is simple!".

    Michael Platts has a good post titled Architects and Developers. In there (and in the comments), you'll learn about ways to approach a problem such as divide and conquer, simulated annealing and the 80:20 rule.


  • Power of blogs / CSV files

    I'm still amazed by the power of weblogs when I see that this post (Manipulating CSV files) is number two or three on search engines when you search for CSV files. What do you know, maybe my small experience with CSV files can actually help someone out. Well, I just added two links to the post for more information about the Schema.ini file since this is where people are landing when they are in need for that kind of information.


  • Webloggers haven't got a mind

    It's funny to notice that some are starting to realize that geeks are humans too... The strange part is that they seem to be disappointed about that.

    Let's take Chris Sells as an example. For a while, there were only posts about Winforms or Longhorn on his weblog. Then comes a political post, and all of a sudden Chris Sells is not an honorable man any more.
    Apparently some people forgot that weblogs are personal and that their author can think outside of .NET and even outside of the computer space. Seeing the negative response by some, Chris Sells reminds these people that this is his weblog and that he writes about what he wishes.
    This is just an example, it can happen to you too.

    Some have a bad reaction when they see something not technological on a weblog they categorized by themselves as "technological". Some weblog authors label non technological posts as being "Off-Topic" (or OT). There are categories on weblogs, they can be used to tag posts more efficiently. What does off-topic mean for a personal weblog? Nothing!
    Side note to ScottW: .Text doesn't display the categories a post belong too. That would be a nice and easy improvement.

    I'd also add that I don't read weblogs according to their author's political opinions. Some replied to Chris Sells' post with a puerile "unsubscribing now" comment. Go on, unsubscribe, that's why RSS is great. You can unsubscribe whenever you want. No one forces you to read a weblog. But think twice. Do you "unsubscribe" a friend because he said something you disagree with? Personally, I think I'd subscribe twice if that was possible. It's more interesting to read about differing opinions that make you think as opposed to consensual ones.


  • Quick survey

    Two quick questions for you readers of this weblog and

    • How would you describe shortly
    • How would you describe this weblog (Fabrice's weblog)?

    Just write what comes to your mind when you think about Think about a tagline.

    Thanks a lot, I'm so curious ;-)


  • Hello Julien! (bis)

    Another Julien joins the party. Please welcome Julien Brunet and pay a visit to his weblog, which should be another source for good posts. Julien's JazBlog is about .NET, SOA and so on...


  • "Previous posts" link

    Why don't we have a "previous stuff" link at the bottom of weblog pages which would give access to the n previous posts?
    Is this against the weblogs religion?