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December 2004 - Posts

Versioning, probing and binding in .NET
Richard Grimes released a very nice tutorial about how .NET locates and loads assemblies.

It's written in a clear style, and provides practical and valuable information with code snippets on the following subjects : assemblies, metadata, fusion / fuslogvw, versioning (including versioning without a strong name), rebinding/redirection, shared assemblies, publisher policies, dynamic loading, etc.

[via Thibaut Barrère]

Welcome to "DLL hell".NET. Does these things really have to be that complicated???
Posted: Dec 22 2004, 04:12 PM by Fabrice Marguerie | with no comments
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JavaToolbox: new reference for Java tools and libraries
Because many of us have to deal with that other dominant platform, SharpToolbox gets a little "J" sister site for Christmas: JavaToolbox.com.
JavaToolbox is the place for Java tools, like SharpToolbox is the place for .NET tools.

Of course, this is work in progress, and a lot of tools are still to be added, but you can already talk about the site to your colleagues from the other side because I expect the site to grow quickly :-)
Choosing an object-relational mapping tool

My new article is available online in French: Choosing an object-relational mapping tool.
There is no English version yet, but maybe I'll take the time to translate it. If someone feels like helping...
Update: this article is now available in English as well.

Mon nouvel article est paru : Choisir un outil de mapping objet-relationnel.

Difficile d'échapper à l'écriture de code d'accès et de manipulation de données quand on développe une application. Les outils de mapping objet-relationnel se proposent de vous aider. Encore faut-il faire le bon choix... Cet article vous présente les différents critères à étudier avant de faire l'acquisition d'un tel outil.
PastePal, quickly copy-and-save images
PastePal is an excellent idea, and a much needed tool!
How many times did I see Word documents containg just an image because people don't know what to do with images in the clipboard...
Luckily, we don't need image editing software (such as the marvelous Paint) any longer to copy-and-save an image.

PastePal is a quick'n'dirty utility that saves images from the clipboard to a pre-arranged location in JPEG format, with a randomly generated filename (or one you specify), and can run a utility/script against the saved image afterwards.
Life and Death
For the first time, I removed products from the SharpToolbox. These tools are not exactly deleted, but flagged as discontinued so that they don't disappear completely, in case someone wonders what happened to them or needs the source code or something..
I just started, so only eight products switched status from available to discontinued. Most of them are in the Object-Relational Mapping category. I have still more sweeping work to do... In case you know of other products that are now discontinued, please let me know.

I think that after seeing an impressive wealth of products appear, natural selection is at work. So take care about the tools you choose!
Java to VB
Sometimes your really wonder what people are doing...
Here is a search query I found in my logs: convert java code to Vb code
Posted: Dec 15 2004, 02:55 AM by Fabrice Marguerie | with no comments
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At last a release date for Visual Studio 2005
At last a release date for Visual Studio 2005... They said "end of summer 2005", they chose the very last days:
September 13-16: Microsoft Professional Developers Conference

They still have to change the logo though. It says "PDC 03"...

Update: this seems to be confirmed.
Update:the official release date is "the week of November 7".
Posted: Dec 09 2004, 01:33 AM by Fabrice Marguerie | with 4 comment(s)
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How do you see data? table, entity or domain model?
Frans Bouma gives a clear presentation of three different ways to see data from an application developer's  perspective. It helps to know where you are, and what the alternatives are.
The three approaches are:
  1. table approach
  2. entity (Chen/Yourdon) approach
  3. domain model (Fowler/Evans) approach
I tend to use the entity approach (2), which is most of the time more SOA friendly.
Hall of shame champion: GotDotNet

I have a challenge for your memory : when was the last time you saw GotDotNet working?

Personally I haven't seen it working for months! This site is really pitiful.
Of course I would not use it unless I had to, the problem is some people managed somehow to put interesting data in there...

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