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  • Events, references, garbage collecting, memory leaks and weak delegates

    I was playing with services and containers, as part of my implementation of Inversion of Control. All was fine until events came into play.
    I needed to connect two services through events. Oh, all was working fine: there were no apparent troubles. But under the too calm surface sneaked a dreadful memory leak. Events don't play well with a loosely coupled environment by default. Better be warned.


  • Let .NET 2.0 Go Live

    Dear Microsoft, we really need a date for .NET 2.0's "Go Live" license (and consequentely the beta 2). We need to know right now whether we should start developing with .NET 2.0 or whether it's too soon because we won't be allowed to deploy in production before next year or so.

    If we don't have a date, there is no other option but keep developing new projects with 1.1 because we can't afford to postpone project releases. And that's bad because we'll have to recreate things that are in .NET 2.0, and dump a lot of code when .NET 2.0 is out.

    So, please tell me, should I forget about .NET 2.0 right now, and not expect a "Go Live" license before December, November or so?


  • Objects and Services

    Clemens Vasters' post "Rows and Columns + Elements and Attributes is all you need" initiated an interesting discussion about the place of objects in SOA.

    Does Object Oriented Programing fits with Service Orientation?
    Read comments from Udi DahanSteve Eichert, and Jimmy Nilsson(1 and 2), for example.

    In my opinion, the way to work with Entities, Managers, Objects and Services is still not clear. I haven't looked enough at architectures like ShadowFax or FABRIQ to know whether they contain guidance on this. My guess is that we'll have to wait some more time before best practices become clearly defined. Maybe all this is already well settled in the J2EE world?

    I tend to do something similar to what Udi does. One of the open issues I see is "how to share business and validation rules between the Business layer and the Presentation layer?". If the rules are in the Managers, and not in the Entities, how do we use these rules in the Presentation layer?

    Anyway, "encore un pavé dans la mare des tout-objet"...