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February 2008 - Posts

Ever wanted to see LINQ in action, visually?

It's not always easy to grasp and follow what's happening when a LINQ query is executed. Well, thanks to clever code by Jon Skeet, it's now possible to see LINQ queries execute in front of your eyes! At least LINQ to Objects queries that is.

See this post about Visual LINQ in which Jon introduces the concept and the prototype implementation. You may want to watch the video or execute the code to instantly understand what it's all about.

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TechDays lundi

Les TechDays, c'est lundi. N'oubliez pas de vous inscrire si ce n'est pas encore fait.
Pour mémoire, je co-anime deux sessions.

Here it is: the LINQ in Action paper book!

After two years of work on our LINQ book, and 10 days after the PDF ebook, here is the paper book!


You can buy it directly from Manning's website to receive it immediately. It will become available on Amazon and in all the other bookstores shortly.

The book already received a lot of very positive feedback! I'll share it with you soon.

Cross-posted from http://linqinaction.net
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