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  • What is – Do you have what it takes to Share your code?

    I have worked on a project for a while now, I call it ForkCan and can be found on the following URL ForkCan is all about sharing code in a social way. I have notice that several developers on twitter paste pointers to sites like to share some code with others, and to get feedback on the code. I moved this a little bit further and created a similar site BUT! I also want to make sure developers can learn from each other, discuss the code with each other and much more. There are so many great code examples shared and distributed on the web, but to find them we need to search for it and it’s spread around different blog posts, forums etc. I wanted to create one place where developers can add the code, make a repository of codes where everyone can find great code to be used in a project. I also created ForkCan to save my own “good to have” code snippets, so I can find it easy and and copy and paste it into my projects. You may wonder why I call it ForkCan? It’s because it can be used as a can of forks ;) Fork in Software development is about taking an existing code and make development on it. So with ForkCan you can share your code, someone else can make it even better by making a Fork of it. The idea of ForkCan is to help each other to be better developers. The site also is a great tool for the Copy & Pasters.. ;)

  • Is it important to write good code?

    The last three weeks I have visit several companies and talked about writing good code. It's amazing to see how different developer thinks about writing good code. Here are some comments when I asked if it's important to write good code:

  • Region is an excuse for hiding large files

    Often when I take a look at sample code there are a lot of regions. I need to open them all the time, it really start to make me crazy. Why does people even use Region in their code, what's the point of hiding code? I think it's only an excuse to hide code because of a too large file. What do you think?

  • Lazy Developers?

    When I was out with my new dog (I Chihuahua, wonderful dog), I was thinking about Defensive Programming and Design by Contract. I like to do some refactoring and help other people to write cleaner code etc,  not that I’m an expert in the area but I think most of developers can see stuff that blinds other developers during development. I remember a scenario that made me kind of mad, I often notice that some developers doesn’t even care to validate arguments on public API or other methods, they assume the caller pass in the right values. When I started to develop apps, I didn’t validate arguments (In know I was a noob ;)). But since I started to do validation, it reduces the number of bugs in my code, and the difference was big. But that isn’t the only reason I like to do validation. Another  reason is because the caller of the method should know if they have passed a wrong value, there are of course some other reasons also, but the main reason is make sure the caller or the method pass in the correct value, and if they do, they will get what they want.

    I notice that several developers today don’t care about validation, I ask them why and they all gave me the same argument “Why should I, it will only make me add more code and it’s boring to write code that checks values”. Can this be summarized that some developers are lazy?

    Maybe I’m stupid because I get mad when I hear that kind of argument, but I’m special ;)