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  • Distributing domain entities over the wire

    When we design our domain entities we don’t have a presentation layer or database in mind. The domain entities are core business objects located on the server or client side based of what kind of application we are building. Domain entities aren’t designed for distribution. When we realize that we need a distribution, we shouldn’t distribute the entities, instead collect the data we need to distribute and create a data transfer object (DTO) instead. Have the network in mind, a domain entity aren’t designed with a network in mind and of that reason not suitable for distribution. When we create our domain entities, they aren’t designed for presentation purpose, they are designed to fulfill business needs. You should be careful when you start thinking about returning a domain entity to the View when using a patterns like MVC, instead use DTO or a ViewModel, because once again the domain entities aren’t designed with presentation in mind, and aren’t often suitable for presentation purpose. It’s often better to map them to a DTO or ViewModel, objects that are suitable for presentation purpose or passed over the wire.