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I also want Spec# by Fredrik N

I will copy Greg Young ! I also want Spec#. If you also wants it, please let Microsoft know about it. Something I like with Spec# is the support for Design by Contract. I want verifiable software... I WANT SPEC#!     Here is an old post about...

Why can't I be satisfied when I'm looking back on old applications? by Fredrik N

Most of the time I build an application I  have the feeling "this is going to be a great app. Good design, nice written code and a perfect application". I think most of you had the same feeling sometimes. But when I look back on previous...

The configurable application, no need for recompilation and new deployment! by Fredrik N

The following I will write about is something I have used in some projects to see if it gives me any value, I haven't seen any evolutionary results yet, but maybe it's because I often move along to other projects when the previous one is completed ;)...
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Can the use of Extension methods break the Law of Demeter? by Fredrik N

To make an easy description of Law of Demeter we can summarize it to the following sentence: “In particular, an object should avoid invoking methods of a member object returned by another method.” What does this has to do with Extension methods...

What purpose does the Repository Pattern have? by Fredrik N

I have watch Rob Conery’s great screencast about MVC Storefront . If you haven’t seen them, you should take a look. Really interesting, he build and app by using Agile, "TDD" etc. I have some comments about his implementation I want...

ASP.Net MVC Framework - How do I design my apps with the MVC pattern and +P by Fredrik N

When I'm playing around with the ASP.NET MVC Framework I have created several prototype applications with different solutions to solve some "problems." In this post I will write down how I combine a Presentation Model (When I talk about Presentation Model...
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Do you want to become a great developer? by Fredrik N

I found this old post on my old blog and still think it may have some good book tips which I will share with you on my new blog, where I also have new visitors. In this post I will give my suggestions of books that in my opinion could make you become...

ASP.Net MVC Framework pre- Preview 3 - A Step by Step guide to create a simple web app. by Fredrik N

Yesterday I posted a step by step guide by using the Preview 2 of the ASP.Net MVC Framework, the following is an updated version that targets the pre-release of the Preview 3 version of the ASP.Net MVC Framework. In this post you will learn how to use...
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ASP.Net MVC Framework Preview 2 - A step by step guide to create a simple Web Application by Fredrik N

UPDATE: When I cerated a new post on my blog about the pre-release of Preview 3, I replaced this one with the new post. I did my best to recover the content. Sorry! In this post you will learn how to use most of the new features in the Preview 2 version...
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