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Blog from PDC 2008 by Fredrik N

We are some Swedish developer blogging live from PDC 2008 in Los Angeles on http://blog.pellesoft.se (All posts are written in Swedish).

Sessions are the Achilles heel of a Web application by Fredrik N

Michel T. Nygard wrote the following in his book Release It!: "Sessions are the Achilles heel of a Web application." I have seen several developers including myself using Session a lot. Session is a wonderful way to keep stuff cached per user in a Web...
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Is it important to write good code? by Fredrik N

The last three weeks I have visit several companies and talked about writing good code. It's amazing to see how different developer thinks about writing good code. Here are some comments when I asked if it's important to write good code: - I don't care...
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PDC 2008 here I come and btw, can we teach old developers to sit? by Fredrik N

I will attend the PDC 2008 this year, only two weeks left.. I hope see as many of you as possible at the conference. Until PDC I will try to figure out a good way "how to teach old programmers to (sit) use OOP", there are too many developers that still...
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