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Isn't it boring to write crosscutting concerns? by Fredrik N

To make sure we have clean code and make it easy for us to maintain, we should try to be lazy and reuse code as much as possible, we should also avoid redundant code. But when it comes to crosscutting concerns, we have to be redundant, or? What code is...
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Returning IQueryable<T> by Fredrik N

Since LINQ was added to the .Net Community as a new wonderful new player, more and more solutions I have seen returns the IQueryable<T> from the Data Access Layer. One reason is to easy create different kind of queries in an easy way and execute...
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Controllers in the MVC pattern is not a replacement for Business logic layer by Fredrik N

I have seen several demos and examples on presentations where the Controllers are more or less used as a Business logic layer and based on the definition of the MVC Pattern, that is not the correct way of using the Controller. The Controller in the MVC...
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