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  • User Input Validation in Silverlight 2.0

    There are different ways of getting data from a Silverlight application, in this blog post I will focus on using WCF. When we use WCF we define DataContract which will be used between the client and the server. It’s relative easy to create a DataContract, here is an example of a contract:


  • Improvements in the .Net Community

    It’s amazing how fast the .Net Community have improved it self the last year. More and more developers and architects start to see how important it is to deliver high quality. More and more are interested in design patterns and principles like S.O.L.I.D. They are also interested in how to keep the code they write clean. I have done some work to validate companies design and architecture decisions, and I have notice that more and more companies want this kind of “validation” from someone outside the company, because they start to see that if they use the wrong design or architecture, they are going to pay a lot of more money than if they had the right architecture from the beginning. The cost about getting a validation is so cheap regarding to how much money they need to spend on rewriting or maintaining, or handling problems when they use the wrong architecture. I will say that companies are smarter now than before ;)