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How the Presentation Model could look like when using Silverlight 2.0 by Fredrik N

In this post I will give you an example how the Presentation Model pattern could be implemented when using Silverlight 2.0. I will not dig deep into the Presentation Model, so if you don’t hear of it or want to read more about it, you can visit this page...

User Input Validation in Silverlight 2.0 by Fredrik N

  There are different ways of getting data from a Silverlight application, in this blog post I will focus on using WCF. When we use WCF we define DataContract which will be used between the client and the server. It’s relative easy to create a DataContract...

Improvements in the .Net Community by Fredrik N

It’s amazing how fast the .Net Community have improved it self the last year. More and more developers and architects start to see how important it is to deliver high quality. More and more are interested in design patterns and principles like S.O.L.I...
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