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Will .NET RIA Services be the Silver Bullet! by Fredrik N

I have spend some time on the Silverligth.net forum and in the .NET RIA Services thread.. and just created a replay on a post about RIA Architecture and design.. I have some concerns regarding to how developers are using .NET RIA Services etc.. maybe...
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RIA Architecture with Silverlight in mind by Fredrik N

Rich Internet Application (RIA) is an interesting topic. More and more business apps are moving into to the cloud, and more and more will have better User Experience (Ux). According to Gartner Research, nearly 60 percent of all new application development...

A different view of the .Net RIA Services by Fredrik N

Some of you have probably heard about the Microsoft .Net RIA Services, if not you can find some info here . In this post I will show you a different view of the .Net RIA Services, how it can be used to create a RESTfull Service, or at least try ;) REST...
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