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.NET RIA Services Exception handling by Fredrik N

Note: This post is based on the July preview of the .NET RIA Services, so changes may happen in a future release of the framework At the moment I’m updating a code example for my Silverlight 3.0 course and have added some exception handling to the code...

Different ways to keep state when building RIA with Silverlight by Fredrik N

When building RIA with Silverlight, we will have some state issues we need to take care of. A Silverlight app by default is running in a browser, the browser have 3 bad buttons, Refresh, back and forward. If a user will press the Refresh button, the whole...

How SubmitChanges works in .NET RIA Servies by Fredrik N

Now I’m back from my 4 week long vacation. I have spend a lot of time with my new apartment, took about 2 month to get most of it ready, I still have a lot of things to do, but all the painting and stuff are done :) I got a question on my e-mail regarding...

Moved to a new apartment by Fredrik N

I haven't blog for a while, the reason to this is that I moved to a new apartment three month ago, and have spend a lot of time with some decoration and finding new furniture etc. I have also been really busy with work until my vacation. I still have...
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