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Distributing domain entities over the wire by Fredrik N

When we design our domain entities we don’t have a presentation layer or database in mind. The domain entities are core business objects located on the server or client side based of what kind of application we are building. Domain entities aren’t designed...
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VS 2010 Beta 2 and .Net 4.0 is now available for downloading from MSDN Sub. by Fredrik N

Oh, I'm late.. but better late then never.. you can now download VS 2010 nad .Net 4.0 Beta 2, if you are a MSDN Subscriber.. You can read more about VS 2010 Beta 2 on Scott Guthrie's blog. Wow, my shortest blog post ever!
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ASP.NET 4.0 Web Form routing by Fredrik N

One of hundreds things I like about ASP.NET MVC, is the routing, a way to use clear and friendly URLs like: www.server.com/Customer/List , instead of something like www.server.com/Customers.aspx . The routing part is now also added to the ASP.NET Web...

Some features I love in VS 2010 by Fredrik N

This post will not be so long, I want to write a little about some Visual Studio 2010 features I love. First of all the changes made to C# is great, the default value on parameters rocks! When I implement Frameworks, I often ended up with something like...
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