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Using Entity Framework 4.3 Database migration for any project by Fredrik N

In this blog post I’m going to write about the Entity Framework 4.3 Database migration and how to use it without using Code-First or Entity Framework as an OR-M at all. To get started just create a simple project, for example a Console Application. After...

The Aspen progress – Silverlight 4, Net 4, WCF RIA Services ref. project by Fredrik N

It was a while since I wrote a blog post, the reason are many, first preparation for the SDC2010 conference where I talked about WCF RIA Services, then 2 sessions at Microsoft TechDays 2010 where I talked about Web Form vs MVC and building business application...

VS 2010 Beta 2 and .Net 4.0 is now available for downloading from MSDN Sub. by Fredrik N

Oh, I'm late.. but better late then never.. you can now download VS 2010 nad .Net 4.0 Beta 2, if you are a MSDN Subscriber.. You can read more about VS 2010 Beta 2 on Scott Guthrie's blog. Wow, my shortest blog post ever!
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Some features I love in VS 2010 by Fredrik N

This post will not be so long, I want to write a little about some Visual Studio 2010 features I love. First of all the changes made to C# is great, the default value on parameters rocks! When I implement Frameworks, I often ended up with something like...
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