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Feature enabling when using Branch by Abstraction by Fredrik N

Something that I haven't liked for a long time is the use of branches in a projects. I don't like the waste when it comes to merge between branches, "Merge hell". In the beginning of the project I'm in now, it took hours to do merges before a release...
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RIA Architecture with Silverlight in mind by Fredrik N

Rich Internet Application (RIA) is an interesting topic. More and more business apps are moving into to the cloud, and more and more will have better User Experience (Ux). According to Gartner Research, nearly 60 percent of all new application development...

Using Web Services in a 3-tier architecture by Fredrik N

During the age of the Windows DNA, most of us developers used COM/COM+ and a 3-tier architecture. Where we separate concerns by placing the views to present data into a layer called PL (Presentation Layer), we add all business logic into one single layer...
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