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WCF RIA Services Unity DomainServiceFactory by Fredrik N

Note: This post is based on WCR RIA Services PDC beta and changes can be made in a future release. In this post I will show you how it’s possible to create your own DomainServiceFactory which has the responsibility to create a DomainService instance....

WCF RIA Services and DTO with association by Fredrik N

This post will be short, I notice that some people are asking about how to send an object graph which will include an association to other objects. First of all, be careful with the distribution of an object graph, wrong design can affect performance...

Distributing domain entities over the wire by Fredrik N

When we design our domain entities we don’t have a presentation layer or database in mind. The domain entities are core business objects located on the server or client side based of what kind of application we are building. Domain entities aren’t designed...
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