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OWIN and Razor by Fredrik N

Just for fun added a simple support for using Razor together with OWIN. You can read a little bit about OWIN on my previous blog post . I wanted my example to be similar to the MVC pattern, so I can use a Model, Controller (in this case I use a simple...
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ASP.Net Web API and using Razor the next step by Fredrik N

In my previous blog post “ Using Razor together with ASP.NET Web API ” I wrote about a solution to use a MediaTypeFormatter to render HTML by using Razor when the API is accessed from a browser. I’m now sort of done with the basics and will share the...
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ASP.Net MVC 3.0 Preview 1, Razor and nested master pages by Fredrik N

Note: This blog posts is based on the ASP.NET MVC 3.0 Preview 1. In this blog post I will explain how I have created a nested master page in . Here is the master of the master pages ;) (_Loyout.cshtml) (I have removed some HTML from this example...
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