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Using the WebBrowser control and debug a Silverlight Out-of-browser (OOB) application in VS 2010 by Fredrik N

Yesterday I played with the WebBrowser control shipped with Silverlight 4. I was trying to create a little RSS Reader for Silverlight 4, only to try out some of the new features. The WebBrowser control have two methods to display a web page, the Navigate...

Silverlight 4 Commanding enables ViewModels by Fredrik N

One feature out of many really great feature shipped with Silverlight 4 Beta, is Commanding. With Commanding we can use the MVVM (Model View View Model) Pattern. Commanding is something that WPF has and preview Silverlight doesn’t. Commanding can only...

Visual Studio 2010 Launch Countdown Sidebar Widget by Fredrik N

div#widget { position: relative; width: 250px; height: 155px; } body ul#cntdwn { width: 250px; height: 80px; background: transparent url( no-repeat scroll left top; list-style-type: none; text...
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Introduction to Templates in ASP.NET MVC 2 Screen cast by Fredrik N

I have recorded some screen casts during the last week for Microsoft, one is was published today on Channel 9 (The Screen cast is in Swedish, I will eventually try to record screen casts also in English, but when that happens, I don’t now). You can found...
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VS 2010 Beta 2 and .Net 4.0 is now available for downloading from MSDN Sub. by Fredrik N

Oh, I'm late.. but better late then never.. you can now download VS 2010 nad .Net 4.0 Beta 2, if you are a MSDN Subscriber.. You can read more about VS 2010 Beta 2 on Scott Guthrie's blog. Wow, my shortest blog post ever!
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