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Visual Studio 2012 RC and Windows 8 Release Review is available for download by Fredrik N

Today Visual Studio 2012 RC is available for download at: EF 5, MVC 4, WebApi and much more in the RC release. Widows 8 Release Review!

Using the WebBrowser control and debug a Silverlight Out-of-browser (OOB) application in VS 2010 by Fredrik N

Yesterday I played with the WebBrowser control shipped with Silverlight 4. I was trying to create a little RSS Reader for Silverlight 4, only to try out some of the new features. The WebBrowser control have two methods to display a web page, the Navigate...

Some features I love in VS 2010 by Fredrik N

This post will not be so long, I want to write a little about some Visual Studio 2010 features I love. First of all the changes made to C# is great, the default value on parameters rocks! When I implement Frameworks, I often ended up with something like...
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