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ForkCan is now available public – Share, Discuss, Improve code etc by Fredrik N

ForkCan is now available, you can read more about ForkCan here . If you have an idea of a code, or want to see if it can be improved, want to find code for your project etc or talk about code. Then ForkCan is a place for you.. ForkCan Feedback
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What is – Do you have what it takes to Share your code? by Fredrik N

I have worked on a project for a while now, I call it ForkCan and can be found on the following URL . ForkCan is all about sharing code in a social way. I have notice that several developers on twitter paste pointers to sites like paste...
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Design by Contract with Microsoft .Net Code Contract by Fredrik N

I have done some talks on different events and summits about Defensive Programming and Design by Contract, last time was at Cornerstone’s Developer Summit 2010. Next time will be at SweNug (Sweden .Net User Group). I decided to write a blog post about...

Use Extension method to write cleaner code by Fredrik N

This blog post will show you step by step to refactoring some code to be more readable (at least what I think). Patrik Löwnedahl gave me some of the ideas when we where talking about making code much cleaner. The following is an simple application that...

Is it important to write good code? by Fredrik N

The last three weeks I have visit several companies and talked about writing good code. It's amazing to see how different developer thinks about writing good code. Here are some comments when I asked if it's important to write good code: - I don't care...
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The configurable application, no need for recompilation and new deployment! by Fredrik N

The following I will write about is something I have used in some projects to see if it gives me any value, I haven't seen any evolutionary results yet, but maybe it's because I often move along to other projects when the previous one is completed ;)...
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