An open letter to wireless networking manufacturers

Dear Wireless Networking Manufacturer,

            It has come to my attention that some of you (one rhymes with ink-sys) are still shipping new wireless networking equipment that does not support WPA out of the box. This is inexcusable.

            Please stop manufacturing and selling products that do not support WPA out of the box, particularly newly-introduced products. Also, please ensure that any current products clearly state whether they do or do not support WPA. And, no, “future” support via firmware flash does NOT count. For the record, WEP doesn’t count, either. WEP and MAC filtering are better than nothing at all, but they are grossly inadequate for security purposes, and have been known to be so for years at this point.

            From this point on, I will NOT be purchasing any wireless networking gear that does not support WPA, and I will do my darndest to convince my friends and family to follow suit. If you wish to sell your products to me, get on the stick and do what’s necessary to WPA-enable your products.

            Thanks for your attention to this matter…

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