Full Circle

Things have been a little bit hectic these past 6 months hence the lack of posts. My excuse is a good one though, my wife gave birth to our first son Tom back in September and it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride since then. Things have settled back down now thank hevens.

My last development gig didn't quite work out so now I have took the plunge and started contracting. It turns out my first contract is with the NHS trust that I started my development career with, which seems a bit wierd as that was 10 years ago. A lot has changed in the techniques and tools the NHS now use to develop with, there is a lot more .net with a slant towards the web side of the spectrum (at least in this NHS trust). They are really getting to grips with the MVC platform, so you will hopefully see some MVC posts coming up.

The really suprising thing is that the Intranet I developed back in 2001 (classic asp migrated to .net 1.0) is still up and running and will finally be fazed out these coming weeks (to Sharepoint). It is like seeing an old friend all grown up.


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