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Expression Tree Visualizer

I played with this a while back but never blogged about it and thought that maybe I should do now as its a pretty nifty tool.

First and foremost, if you have not looked at C# 3.0 or LINQ then here are some articles that I have written on the subject:

Expression tree's are a nice feature in C# 3.0 and like many things in Visual Studio there are things called visualizers which allow you to look at things in a clearer light - the same is applicable for Expression tree's.

Note:  in order to get this visualizer you need to go to the samples folder where you installed VS and open the visualizer project and build it then copy it to the visualizer folder in Documents and Settings for your user.

With the visualizer installed add a breakpoint and then hover over the expression and click the magnifying glass, now you get the following view of your expression tree:


Hopefully this will be the default come Visual Studio 2008 RTM.

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