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DSA 0.3 released!

Just before Christmas as well :-)

Download DSA 0.3

New features for this release include:

  • Probability Search
  • Power algorithm
  • Greatest common denominator algorithm
  • Reverse words algorithm
  • Set collection (will be renamed to OrderedSet in DSA 0.4 and an unordered Set will be introduced in DSA 0.4 as well)
  • Sequential search
  • Merge sort
  • Merge ordered

Some other not so major features include:

  • Pseudo code for around 75% of everything to enable easy language ports (100% of everything will be in DSA 0.4 - the paper to screen conversion is taking a while)
  • Queue and Stack have been dropped - DSA will only support collections not in the BCL
    • ArrayList is being dropped in DSA 0.4
  • Complete XML documentation for every public algorithm/data structure - also private methods are XML doc'd as well.

Also this is the first release to include offline documentation (or documentation of any kind excluding XML docs).

Data Structures and Algorithms Documentation

Download DSA 0.3

DSA 0.4

This release will be out mid February and will introduce some new key algorithms and collections.  I am in the process of finalizing the features to be added in DSA 0.4 but you can expect more tree data structures as well as balancing algorithms to further optimise tree data structures.  I will post something when this is finalized - will be the back end of December.

Download DSA 0.3

Thank you for your support and if there is anything you would like to suggest then it is not too late...also if you find any issues please let me know.

VS refactoring tools - 2008 quicker than 2005?

As I am working on a couple of projects that are based upon C# 3.0 and haven't got my copy of Resharper installed (it just bugs me like mad with C# 3.0!) I used the VS 2008 refactoring tools today for the first time, mainly because I was just tired of doing things manually.

Anyway, I remember using the refactoring tools in VS 2005 and thinking they sucked because they were so dam slow, e.g. encapsulating a field took 2 or 3 seconds to get the dialogue box appear and similar speeds for the other stuff.  In 2008 however this all seems to work fast, I've not used the encapsulate field as smart properties tend to reduce that significantly (when applicable).

I have read a tonne of post's all over the place that talk about various speed increases for random features in VS and I am curious as to whether others experienced this with VS 2005 or was it just me?

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NDepend 2.6 is out!

First off, NDepend is becoming very quickly one of my most favourite applications to use when reviewing my code -actually it is my favourite!

Patrick Smacchia emailed me today to inform me that NDepend 2.6 has been released.  From what I have read thus far, Patrick is really trying to in 2.6 make the UX awesome for dev's who are used to slogging around in VS day in day out - so it's nice to see a VS influence in the UI of NDepend 2.6.

No project loaded - VisualNDepend

NDepend 2.6 also has support for VS 2008 hurahhhhhh! :-)


Great workflow when adding new assemblies to review.



Every now and then I just get lost in NDepend using CQL and generally just getting the low down on my code.

Get NDepend 2.6 now! you won't regret it!

Am I missing something here or does VS still not know about the compact event wiring?

Is there an option in VS 2008 to make the IDE gen the prototype for this syntax?

myObj.SomethingHappened += MethodToInvoke;

Instead of going down the new event handler road??

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Team Explorer annotations - an awesome feature

I've just finished what seems to of taken days - installing VS 2008 RTM and all the other trimmings, but the feature that I am really impressed by is the check-in annotations of files - so useful!

I don't know if this was in Beta 2, but my installation of VS 2008 Beta 2 was dead with regards to TFS so I had to use Teamprise Explorer.

Dsa - Microsoft Visual Studio

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I have wondered for around 6 or so months now when the first CTP of Volta would be released and it seems that today is that day!

I have not yet looked at the bits but other than providing a nicer way to build web apps, Volta also has a compiler that compiles down to JS or MSIL.  You can probably target one or the other explicitly, but the beauty of Volta is that if the runtime detects a CLR on the users machine then it will gen MSIL and get all the performance benefits, etc etc, otherwise it will compile (or maybe translate) to JavaScript (cross browser of course).

Like I said I've not tried it, but its a very interesting approach - I believe that this CTP only works with VS 2008 RTM not past betas...I think.

It always happens when you are in the zone

This always seems to happen to me when I'm flying and making real progress in whatever project I'm working on.

Microsoft Windows

Oh well, best fire up VS again and hope that I'm still in the zone.

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F# 1.9.3 RC out now!

Ok so from my point of view this is an awesome F# update, why? because unlike 1.9.2 where you had to always write some boilerplate code to use the async stuff 1.9.3 now includes that boilerplate code and I'll post some examples sometime this week about it.

For more read Don's post here, release notes and finally here is the download.

EDIT:  This version of F# seems to work with VS 2008 without having to modify anything after installation as explained here.

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