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NDepend 2.6 is out!

First off, NDepend is becoming very quickly one of my most favourite applications to use when reviewing my code -actually it is my favourite!

Patrick Smacchia emailed me today to inform me that NDepend 2.6 has been released.  From what I have read thus far, Patrick is really trying to in 2.6 make the UX awesome for dev's who are used to slogging around in VS day in day out - so it's nice to see a VS influence in the UI of NDepend 2.6.

No project loaded - VisualNDepend

NDepend 2.6 also has support for VS 2008 hurahhhhhh! :-)


Great workflow when adding new assemblies to review.



Every now and then I just get lost in NDepend using CQL and generally just getting the low down on my code.

Get NDepend 2.6 now! you won't regret it!


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