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DSA 0.3 released!

Just before Christmas as well :-)

Download DSA 0.3

New features for this release include:

  • Probability Search
  • Power algorithm
  • Greatest common denominator algorithm
  • Reverse words algorithm
  • Set collection (will be renamed to OrderedSet in DSA 0.4 and an unordered Set will be introduced in DSA 0.4 as well)
  • Sequential search
  • Merge sort
  • Merge ordered

Some other not so major features include:

  • Pseudo code for around 75% of everything to enable easy language ports (100% of everything will be in DSA 0.4 - the paper to screen conversion is taking a while)
  • Queue and Stack have been dropped - DSA will only support collections not in the BCL
    • ArrayList is being dropped in DSA 0.4
  • Complete XML documentation for every public algorithm/data structure - also private methods are XML doc'd as well.

Also this is the first release to include offline documentation (or documentation of any kind excluding XML docs).

Data Structures and Algorithms Documentation

Download DSA 0.3

DSA 0.4

This release will be out mid February and will introduce some new key algorithms and collections.  I am in the process of finalizing the features to be added in DSA 0.4 but you can expect more tree data structures as well as balancing algorithms to further optimise tree data structures.  I will post something when this is finalized - will be the back end of December.

Download DSA 0.3

Thank you for your support and if there is anything you would like to suggest then it is not too late...also if you find any issues please let me know.


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