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  • Project Tango

    Sun Project Tango is now a reality. This is the first technology suite specifically oriented to WCF and Java interoperability. Congratulations to the team

  • CodePlex

    CodePlex is online now and available in a beta version. Those guys are coming up with a ton of ideas to enhance the .NET communities and open source projects. Great stuff!!

  • Invoking WCF services from BizTalk Server using the WSE 3.0 adapter

    One of the main purposes of the Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 3.0 project was to provide a high degree of interoperability with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF).   Both WSE and WCF services can be designed to be compliant with the WS-I profiles to guarantees interoperability. The Turnkey Security Assertions in WSE 3.0 can be mapped directly to WCF bindings.

  • WSE 3.0 adapter

    Tomorrow at 4 pm (EST), I’ll be presenting the WSE 3.0 adapter for BizTalk Server 2006 in a WebCast with some special guests from the WSE team. Yeap, you got it, Mark Fussell (Lead Program Manager for WSE) will be joining me and Javier Mariscal in this presentation to talk about WSE, Security, BizTalk, etc….

  • Web Service backward compatibility

    Web Services versioning it’s always an interesting challenge. Check out this article from some IBM Architects that explore some of the recommendations to guaranteed backward compatibility in Web Services. I agree with almost everything there, except that in my opinion XSD versioning in much more complex that just adding optional elements or type.