Manage BizTalk Server from your Phone or Tablet

Last week. Tellago Studios’ technology evangelist Uri Katsir delivered a super interesting webinar about managing BizTalk Server from you mobile device using Moesion. I am still receiving emails about some of the capabilities available in the current version so I figure I write a brief post about it.

As many of you know, BizTalk Server is a technology that has been close to my heart for many years. After, directly or indirectly, being involved in over a hundred BizTalk projects, it still frustrates me the challenges that some organizations experience to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot problems in their BizTalk Server infrastructure in a timely fashion. That’s why I was so excited when we were able to include a BizTalk Server application as part of the first release of Moesion that enables the management of both BizTalk Server and SQL Server directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Why is this important?

Having the ability of managing any IT system from your mobile device is extremely cool but is so more in the case of BizTalk Server. Why is this? Well, BizTalk Server solutions are constantly interacting with external systems such as databases, web services or line of business apps. This type of external dependencies exponentially increases the probability of failure and the difficulty to effectively troubleshoot BizTalk solutions.

How can Moesion help?

With Moesion, you can now manage your BizTalk infrastructure directly from your smartphone or tablet. You can literally carry a BizTalk Server management console on your pocket. Let’s take a look to some of the things you can do.

Quickly monitor your BizTalk Server infrastructure

Moesion’s BizTalk application allows you to quickly inspect your BizTalk Server infrastructure to detect possible problems. For instances, you could easily query the running or suspended service instances or messages as illustrated in the following figure.

Manage your BizTalk Server applications

Moesion allows you to manage the artifacts of a BizTalk solution such as send/receive ports, orchestrations, etc directly from your mobile device.

Fix BizTalk Server directly from your phone

Moesion’s BizTalk interface goes beyond querying data, you can also take specific actions to troubleshoot potential BizTalk Server problems. A classic example would be to restart a specific BizTalk host instance directly from your smartphone or tablet as illustrated below.

And you can manage SQL Server too!

BizTalk Server administrators can also use Moesion’s SQL Server HTML5 administration console to manage the SQL Server instances that host BizTalk Server infrastructure. The following figure illustrates a quick view of the BizTalk Server MessageBox database using Moesion’s SQL Server administration console.


How do I try Moesion?

If you are a BizTalk Server admin, I really encourage to take a look at Moesion. You can sign up for a free trial at . We are offering a specific discount for BizTalk Server customers. You can apply for that discount by just appending #btsmoesion1 to your company name. Feel free to contact us at Moesion at tellagostudios dot com if you need more details.

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