Tellago is still hiring….

Tellago's SOA practice is rapidly growing and we are still hiring. In that sense, we are looking to for Connected Systems (WCF, BizTalk, WF) experts who are passionate about building game changing solutions with the latest Microsoft technologies. You will be working alongside technology gurus like DonXml, Pablo Cibraro or Dwight Goins. If you are interested and not afraid of working with a bunch of crazy people ;)please drop me a line at jesus dot rodriguez at tellago dot com.

Hope to hear from you soon.


  • Ryan: Not yet. I wasn't part of the CTP program, and fkarnly, it was an scenario I had not tried till this week anyway. Will see what I can do about reporting it.Patrick: The reason is that having it in the same project plain didn't work. It appears to be a side effect of the new build process (probably artifacts getting compiled in the wrong order, or something like that). So importing it in a separate project was just a means to getting the WCF port/schemas built before the orchestration using them.

  • hotfix has been reasleed for the BizTalk Server 2009 developer tools that should fix the problem I mentioned a few months ago with referencing WCF services within the same BizTalk project as the orchestration that uses

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