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Blogroll review (3): Blog feeds I haven't heard of for long

Wish these people resumed blogging because they used to post great content.

If you happen to know any of these feeds URLs are outdated, please comment their most up to date blog URL to this post, please.

If you happen to know any of them, just let them know about their blog inactivity and that there are people out there subscribed to their feed.


Blog titleBlog feed URLLast post on
Ward Cunningham 00:00:00
Erbil Yilmaz 01:05:00
Karsten Januszewsky 00:55:00
Brian Peek 11:57:21
Carter Maslan 22:38:00
Chris Frazier 19:03:13
Eric King 14:07:00
Korby Parnell 06:19:00
Richard Blewett (Developmentor) 16:57:51
Josh Ledgard 23:54:00
Scott Bellware 03:39:00
Matt Meleski 01:01:00
Eric Wise 15:43:00
Robert McLaws 21:24:55
Nils van Boxsel 04:01:13
Mike Woodring 15:40:21
Frank Arrigo 06:30:44
Armand du Plessis 04:21:00
Paul Ibison 08:40:00
Hackers @ Microsoft 08:55:00
James Conard 11:00:30
Many-to-Many 17:30:30
Michel Caradec$format=rss202008-03-04 22:39:56
David Kline 06:36:14
Peter Madziak 17:58:00
Jan Haugland 15:10:18
Jean-Paul S. Boodhoo 18:24:34
Scott Cate 09:13:28
John Papa 14:01:46
Rafik Robeal 23:43:00
David Waddleton 22:28:55
CLR Add-In Team 08:37:00
Sanjeet Sahay 11:26:00
Jeff Lynch 20:51:00
Rich Turner 18:25:55
How Do I Videos - Visual Studio Team Suite 2008 12:59:00
Zlatko Michailov 09:41:00
Adam Nathan 10:00:02
Matt Powell 23:48:00
Tim Ewald 02:13:00
Chris Anderson 15:51:29
Mark Groves 00:00:24
Steve Maine 01:15:32
Elisa Flasko 14:28:34
InsideMicrosoft 00:30:39
Raymond Lewallen 10:49:12
David Portas 20:02:00
Jack Gudenkauf 21:09:00


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