Tips for survival in agile software development world ;-)

Even if you don’t have any clue about agile software development, SCRUM, TDD, XP etc., here are some things which will help you to look smarter:

  1. Use a word "refactoring" whenever words "changing", "modifying", "updating" etc. are used. Some examples: "I refactored the project’s schedule to include this new task.", "Should we refactor our meeting for this afternoon?", "Triage team will refactor all the bugs with the new triage date." It won’t always make sense but you’ll at least look cool and knowledgeable and maybe even agile. 
  2. Use a word "agile" to prefix some nouns and replace it with adjectives you would normally use. Some examples: "This is pretty agile meeting.", "You’re looking agile today.", "This is an agile bug.", "There have been some agile developments going on recently."
  3. Use a word "extreme" like a word "agile" in previous bullet-point. You would need to be more careful though not to scare people off.
  4. Whenever you’re talking about testing then use "unit testing". Some examples: "She is currently unit testing this new interface.", "When your performance unit testing will be done?", "What’s a career path for unit tester?"
  5. You can also try to prefix "development" with "test driven". Some examples: "How’s life in test driven development team?", "Are you a test driven developer for this new feature?"
  6. Use "pair" to prefix "programming". Some examples: "I had to go to meetings all day and therefore I didn’t get any pair programming done.", "My friend is a C# pair programmer.", "Pair programming this task will take at least three days."
  7. Replace "scenario" with "user story". Some examples: "Does the specification contain all the user stories for this product?", "What are the most important user stories we should be testing?"

If anyone has additional extreme tips then let me know and I’ll refactor this blog entry to include them ;-) Link of the day:

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