"The Apprentice" for software developers

Lately it seems that to be part of any social discussion you need to be watching "The Apprentice". I’ve been noticing the similar phenomena during last couple of years when it comes to "The Sopranos" and it made me feel like a total outcast because I haven’t seen a single episode of "The Sopranos" and I don’t intend to ;-) However, to blend in I’ve been following "The Apprentice 2" and my colorful imagination tells me that what will be really cool ;-) is the similar show about software developers. You can already imagine the following dialogs in the boardroom:

Participant 1: We lost because Participant 2 never wrote any unit tests and therefore our application crashed.
Participant 2: No, you’re wrong. We lost because you told me not to bother adding any assertions to our code. If I would’ve added the assertions we would have won.
The Guy Who Runs The Show: Participant 3, what do you think? Whose fault it is?
Participant 3: I think it is leader’s fault. He told us not to install low-level debuggers because GUI tools will be enough and I told him that Real Programmers don’t use GUI tools.
The Guy Who Runs The Show: Participant 1, you’re fired because you used variable names like lpszfoobarCount.

The extra bonus will be seeing before any given task all these people with CS degrees utilizing the game theory trying to figure how to behave properly to maximize their chance of winning. That’ll be the show geeks will watch ;-)

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