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Implementation Patterns

Implementation Patterns at Amazon
Implementation Patterns (Addison-Wesley Signature Series)
Another great book to read is Implementation Patterns from famous Kent Beck. I found this book to be good addition to Code Complete 2. Code Complete is mostly about readable and manageable code. Implementation Patterns is about code itself - how we are writing classes, methods, loops and other code constructions everyday and what kind of patterns can be drawn out from there.


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Professional SharePoint 2007 Development

Professional SharePoint 2007 Development (Programmer to Programmer)
Okay, I'm back in business again after W:O:A 2008 that rocked my brains out  (in a good means, of course). As I can see from comments of my SharePoint series plan there is really hard need for development series, so after the fast start of working period is over I will start writing this serie. But before that I have to do something I promised before - description of great book titled as Professional SharePoint 2007 Development.


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