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How to make AJAX-requests to ASP.NET MVC application using jQuery
I decided to write over long time one posting that is directed to beginners who start with jQuery and AJAX . One of the first things to study is how to make requests to server and how to retrieve objects. In this posting I will show you how to use jQuery...
ASP.NET MVC Performance II: Optimizing resources
In my previous posting about ASP.NET MVC performance I showed you how to combine resources like scripts, style sheets and images . In this posting I will show you how to minimize resources so we don’t waste the bandwidth we got. Optimizing scripts and...
Links 2009-08-19
JQuery and web development Limit Number of Characters in a TextArea using jQuery Find out which Key was pressed using jQuery jQuery Superfish Menus Plug-in Make website images look like a video with this CSS effect CSS2 – opacity Mobile 55 per cent of...
Reordering invoice lines using jqGrid and TableDND extension
In one of my ASP.NET MVC applications I needed flexible interface for inserting invoice lines. Sometimes invoice lines are inserted in incorrect order and it saves accountants some time if they are able to change the order of invoice lines quickly. In...
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