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ASP.NET and WIF: Showing custom profile username as User.Identity.Name
I am building ASP.NET MVC application that uses external services to authenticate users. For ASP.NET users are fully authenticated when they are redirected back from external service. In system they are logically authenticated when they have created user...
ASP.NET MVC: Using ProfileRequiredAttribute to restrict access to pages
If you are using AppFabric Access Control Services to authenticate users when they log in to your community site using Live ID, Google or some other popular identity provider, you need more than AuthorizeAttribute to make sure that users can access the...
Identifying AppFabric Access Control Service users uniquely
In my last posting about AppFabric Labs Access Control Service I described how to get your ASP.NET MVC application to work with ACS . In this posting I will dig deeper into tokens and claims and provide you with some helper methods that you may find useful...
ASP.NET MVC 3: Using AppFabric Access Control Service to authenticate users
I had Windows Azure training this week and I tried out how easy or hard it is to get Access Control Service to work with my ASP.NET MVC 3 application. It is easy now but it was not very easy to get there. In this posting I will describe you what I did...
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