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Code Contracts: How they look after compiling?
When you are using new tools that make also something at code level then it is good idea to check out what additions are made to code during compilation. Code contracts have simple syntax when we are writing code at Visual Studio but what happens after...
Some e-books and .NET 4.0 beta exams
Lately I have found some pretty interesting e-books about different technologies and one announcement about .NET Framework 4.0 beta exams. In this posting I will introduce you books I found and first beta exams. e-Books C# to IL by Vijay Mukhy is good...
IL perversions: throwing and catching strings
Inspired by Mohamed Mahmoud’s blog posting How to: Create Interfaces with Static Methods via IL? I wrote another sick example on IL (Intermediate Language) to show you how different is the world behind compilers. Tonight I have enough of exceptions, I...
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