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Sessions I plan to visit at TechDays 2013 Belgium
As I’m going to TechDays 2013 Belgium I made my first plans about sessions I want to visit. It’s always good idea to make some home work before event because it is the only way how to make good decisions. Here is the list of sessions I plan to visit....
List of Microsoft training kits (2012)
Some years ago I published list of Microsoft training kits for developers . Now it’s time to make a little refresh and list current training kits available. Feel free to refer additional training kits in comments. Sharepoint 2010 Developer Training Kit...
Generating radial indicator images using C#
In one of my projects I needed to draw radial indicators for processes measured in percent. Simple images like the one shown on right. I solved the problem by creating images in C# and saving them on server hard disc so if image is once generated then...
Reading OpenDocument spreadsheets using C#
Excel with its file formats is not the only spreadsheet application that is widely used. There are also users on Linux and Macs and often they are using OpenOffice and other open-source office packages that use ODF instead of OpenXML. In this post I will...
Posted: Aug 24 2012, 07:21 AM by DigiMortal | with no comments
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Using AutoMapper to build base class for mappers between domain classes and models
It is often good idea to isolate our domain model from consuming applications by using service layer and data transfer objects (DTO) or application specific models. Using DTO-s means that we need two-way mapping between domain classes and DTO-s. In this...
Writing simple named pipes server in C#
I solved a little problem last night when playing with named pipes. I created named pipe that writes all output to file. Named pipe is opened for all users in machine. In this posting I will show you simple class that works as pipe server. In .NET Framework...
Posted: Feb 24 2012, 12:04 PM by DigiMortal | with 1 comment(s)
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Importing issues from Jira to database using C#
I am evaluating hosted Jira Studio and it likes me more and more when I’m using it. As hosted service is not in our premises and contains important information about our work I was asked to find out if there’s a way how to read data from Jira Studio and...
Stream.CopyTo() extension method
In one of my applications I needed copy data from one stream to another. After playing with streams a little bit I wrote CopyTo() extension method to Stream class you can use to copy the contents of current stream to target stream. Here is my extension...
Posted: Dec 28 2010, 03:24 AM by DigiMortal | with 12 comment(s)
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Writing object to object mapper: my mapper vs AutoMapper
As my object to object mapper is now almost completed and I am sure it is good idea to stay on LCG (Lightweight Code Generation) I can now compare the performance of my mapper to AutoMapper . NB! If you are building applications that will run on public...
Posted: Feb 12 2010, 08:10 AM by DigiMortal | with 8 comment(s)
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Writing object to object mapper: moving to generics
In my previous posting about object to object mapping Writing object to object mapper: first implementations I wrote first and simple implementations of mapper. These implementations based heavily on reflection. In this posting I will boost up mapper...
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