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Code Metrics: Number of IL Instructions
In my previous posting about code metrics I introduced how to measure LoC (Lines of Code) in .NET applications . Now let’s take a step further and let’s take a look how to measure compiled code. This way we can somehow have a picture about what compiler...
Code Metrics: Measuring LoC in .NET applications
My previous posting gave quick overview of code metric called Lines of Code (LoC) . In this posting I will introduce you how to measure LoC in Visual Studio projects using Visual Studio Code Analysis and NDepend.  LoC difference in Visual Studio...
Code Metrics: Lines of Code (LoC)
I started writing series of blog posting about code metrics. I plan to introduce different metrics and explain their meaning. Also I plan to introduce tools you can use to measure those metrics. Where possible I will introduce you how to use one or another...
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